Parent testimonials

Parents are regularly asked for their feedback on all aspects of the Pre-School and recent comments have been wholeheartedly positive:-

“We think the school is wonderful.  The teachers are caring but fair and instil good manners, respect and kindness into the children.  My child’s vocabulary has come on in leaps and bounds.  Children with special needs or disabilities appear to be cared for with empathy and kindness.  The number of children with language difficulties is clearly challenging for the Pre-School but they appear to take it all in their stride.”

“The staff are very good at responding to my child’s strengths.”

“The staff are dedicated and work well as a team.  It is a busy Pre-School with lots of interesting and varied activities.”

“Trips to Forest School seem like a really good idea for the children as they are taken out of the classroom.”

“I could not let it go unnoticed or without saying thank you for making * so welcome on his first few days at Pre-School.  I can’t tell you how impressed and grateful I was at how lovely your staff were –  as you can appreciate it is an emotional time for parents leaving their children for the first time and your caring nature and constant reassurance made it so that I felt relaxed at leaving * in your care.  * can sometimes be a shy child but has come out of himself already and has no problem being left at Pre-School and playing with his friends.  He is so enthusiastic about coming to School already and talks about his teachers individually – as a parent this is so lovely to see and again I would like to thank you for taking the time to build a relationship with him so that that he feels excited to see you and feels comfortable being left on his own at Pre-School.  I was so impressed to see some of the other children work – there is an impressive balance of educational curriculum and physical play clearly set out within the timetable of the children day to day activities.  I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted * to attend Fairford Pre-School, I really do think that your staff and resources will allow him to flourish to his maximum potential.” (March 2015)

“All staff have been welcoming and approachable.  A comprehensive induction was valuable”.  There is a multitude of activities creative and educational that I have seen.  Nothing is missing!  My child runs ahead to get into pre-school and is exhausted when I collect him – what fun!”(March 2015)

“I have loved seeing all of the photographs in * learning journey as he is never able to tell me what he has been doing.  This way I get to see a glimpse into his world”.

“* has settled into Fairford Pre-School instantly and has been welcomed by all.  He is keen to return on a daily basis which is a positive sign for me.

“My child’s confidence has grown dramatically since starting at Pre-School.  He confidently communicates with his teachers and other children.  He enjoys the new experiences and activities offered at Fairford Pre-School and has made lots of friends” .

“We love the Pre-School to Home book, sitting down with * and reading through it, seeing his achievements and daily activities.  The time and attention to given to our child is clearly evident.”

” time at Fairford Pre-School has been one that she seems to have thoroughly enjoyed.  She is always excited about attending and seeing her friends and speaks fondly of the staff there.  She has always seemed far more confident about attending here than her other pre-school setting – we think she finds the topic led activities more engaging, the daily routine is reassuring as she knows what is expected of her and she clearly feels a good connection with her key worker and recounts time spent with her.  She enjoys phonics and frequently tests out when talking to us at home.  She plays a lot of creating rhymes and enjoys recounting song, rhyme and stories she knows (or has made some up).  Her pen grip and control has improved dramatically and her interest in the natural world has been fuelled by topic studies.”

The children’s happiness and achieving their full potential remain at the core of all our principles.